Creative minds that match your mission.

Aligned Media is a full service media production studio here to make your concept the most killer, heart-stopping, magical, awesome, interesting thing you’ve ever been proud of. Let’s make something people see, feel and remember.


Our inspiration? It comes from your brand, your story, and you.

Clients who believe in collaboration are essential to what we do. They make our process a fun, free-flowing, problem-solving series of happy discoveries. Without our clients, the work we’re showcasing on this site would not exist. Thanks. Sincerely.


Our specialties are image and sound creation.

Partner with us to realize your concept with still photography or video or a nicely integrated mix of both. We provide creative development, pre-production, production and post-production services:

Script Development

Still Photography
Motion Graphics
2D/3D Animation
Sound Design

Let’s make something amazing together.